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All of our jams, jellies, & sweet spreads are made without loading them with artificial flavors and colors. Jams shouldn’t be packed
with substances and chemicals that we don’t understand, which is why our focus is on quality fruit and our gourmet preparation methods.


This jar of delicious natural fruit works wonderfully in all manner of eating contexts. Use it as a fruit spread for an English muffin, load up your pastries, use it in your cakes or desserts, dollop it in on your cereal, or even just enjoy it straight out of the jar by the spoonful.


Created by gourmets in Bali, Icelab is the excellence of taste in the purest tradition of artisan makers. Icelab is proud to produce premium gelato, sorbet, delicious jams & tasty salted caramel spreads with natural ingredients only.

We make our fruit preserves using gourmet methods in Bali. We have a team of experts in the art of cooking fruit and using our expertise weve crafted something unique in the spirit of gourmet, while still giving you that relaxing, comforting feeling of homemade fruit jams and jellies.



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